Top Startup Business Loans:  2024 Overview

Secure lump sum capital for big investments. Repay over time with fixed payments. Ideal for equipment purchases or expansion projects.

Term Loans:

Flexible access to funds as needed. Pay interest only on what's borrowed. Manage cash flow fluctuations effectively.

Lines of Credit:

Leverage assets like inventory or accounts receivable as collateral. Suitable for businesses with valuable assets but limited history.

Asset-Based Financing:

Convenient for day-to-day expenses. Build credit and enjoy perks like rewards programs and introductory 0% APR periods.

Business Credit Cards:

Explore options like friends, family, and crowdfunding for flexible capital. Accessible even with limited credit history.

Alternative Funding Sources:

If you need assistance with preparing for a business loan, the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) can help. EDC provides one-on-one consulting services to small businesses