Empowering Entrepreneurs: The EDC SBDC Journey

Comprehensive Services

EDC SBDC offers diverse services, from startup guidance to marketing strategies. With over 45 advisors, we provide personalized support for your business's unique needs.


Who Can Benefit?

EDC SBDC benefits aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses scaling up, and nonprofits supporting local businesses, offering tailored expertise for each.


Accessing Resources

EDC SBDC's free services are possible due to partnerships with organizations like the SBA. Businesses in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties can easily access these resources.


Getting Started

Start your journey to success with EDC SBDC. Get personalized advice and resources by scheduling a chat or call. Complete the intake process to begin achieving your business goals.


Why Choose EDC SBDC?

Partner with EDC SBDC for hands-on collaboration, mentorship, and access to local, state, and federal resources. Empower yourself and your business to succeed.


If you need assistance with preparing for a business loan, the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) can help. EDC provides one-on-one consulting services to small businesses